Mansion Inn History / SKK & Grupe Involvement

Mansion Inn 1958

Built in 1958, the Mansion Inn opened as Sacramento’s premier destination hotel, located directly across from the Governor’s official residence and down the street from Memorial Auditorium. Although its recent condition may suggest otherwise, the Mansion Inn is a cultural and historic landmark with a storied past. In its heyday, the hotel hosted celebrities performing at Memorial Auditorium including the Beach Boys, Liberace and Marlene Dietrich, and was frequented by Governor Pat Brown and other political figures. In the decades that followed, the Mansion Inn and its surrounding neighborhood fell victim to the blight caused by suburban sprawl. In 2012, the hotel shuttered it doors and was soon overgrown with ivy.

Mansion Inn

In the fall of 2017, SKK Developments and The Grupe Company acquired the Mansion Inn with a vision to both revitalize and preserve the cultural and historic landmark. Their plan to rebuild the 110-key hotel pays homage to the building’s celebrated past and honors its mid-century modern roots. At the same time, the project looks to the future, connecting the new development to Sacramento’s Farm-to-Fork movement as well as the local arts community. Tearing Walls Apart originated in the developers’ desire to engage the local community in the revitalization of this historic building. Engaging local high school students to create temporary exhibits with the intention to permanently incorporate them into the hotel’s final vision highlights their commitment to locally root this project.

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